The “Fondasyon Viélot e Michel” is an entity dedicated to help improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the areas of Agibeau, Morin, Monbin and their surroundings in Haiti. In the Bible the Apostle Paul told Timothy in his first letter “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” Therefore the “Fondasyon Viélot e Michel” has given themselves the mission to empower the people of the areas aforementioned with Education, Food, Healthcare and sports.


We already have several programs that we support/sponsor in the area like:

The “Ecole Communautaire de Fondasyon Viélot e Michel” previously “Ecole Communautaire Celaniste Michel”, An annual Summer Soccer tournament, an annual Mother’s Day Celebration, A Clinic, A technical school and more. We have started small by gathering and adding to the work initiated by different members of the family and want to organize and structure the work being done in other to achieve more with the little bit that we have.

We have a piece of Land that was donated by the Michel Family to build the school but we have not been able to start the work yet, as a result the school currently uses the nearby Baptist church, Another piece of land was donated by Mrs. Denise Viélot-Pierre for the annual summer soccer tournament that needs to be fenced. Over the summer, we started two new programs one to teach the kids how to knit and the other for the adults or anyone to come learn how to read and write.

We are open to and welcome your suggestions on how to better help the people in the targeted areas and please don’t let our current projects stop you from putting your hand to the mold, let’s build together and do our part for the betterment of our beloved country, Haiti beginning with the targeted area.